Lists of Tropical fish, Gold fish and Koi fish available from our suppliers will be loaded every Monday and Tuesday . It is impossible for us to stock the complete range, so please place an order if you want something specific.

Use "CONTACT US" tab or phone Gert or Gerrit on 021 851 2379 or 072 951 9441. 

(Please note that the more expensive fish are normally marked down from the prices as shown)

Terms and conditions apply ...

Koi - selected 180-200 R449.00
Koi - selected 200-250 R575.00
Koi - IMPORTED AA Grade & Selected 110-120 R150.00
GOLDFISH  -  assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Bronze Comets 35-40 R10.00
Bronze Comets 50-60 R19.00
Bronze Comets - Limited stock 100 R35.00
Comets ass. 35-40 R11.00
Comets ass.    Limited in stock 50-60 R23.00
Red Comets 35-40 R11.00
Red Comets 100 R46.00
Red/Black Comets 35-40 R11.00
Red/White Comets 35-40 R11.00
White Comet 35-40 R11.00
Oranda - assorted 35-40 R19.00
Oranda - assorted 50-60 R33.00
Blue Oranda - Limited stock 35-40 R19.00
Red Oranda  -  Limited stock 35-40 R19.00
Red/White Oranda -  Limited stock 35-40 R19.00
White Oranda  - Limited stock 35-40 R19.00
Red/Black Oranda  - Limited stock 35-40 R19.00
Bronze Oranda 35-40 R17.00
Bronze Oranda 50-60 R28.00
FANCY  GOLDFISH  -  assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Pearlscale Goldfish - assorted 35-40 R42.00
Pearlscale Nymphs Goldfish - assorted 35-40 R42.00
Ranchu ass. Colours 35-40 R46.00
Bronze Ranchu 35-40 R46.00
Bronze Ranchu 50-60 R67.00
SIAMESE FIGHTERS  -  assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Crown Tail Betta MALE  -  Few in stock LRG R58.00
Double Tail MALE Fighters LRG R92.00
PLATIES - assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Assorted Platies 30-35 R14.00
Balloon Red Wagtail Platies 25-30 R19.00
Balloon Red Wagtail Platies  35-40 R30.00
GUPPIES  -  assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Male Guppies 25-30 R14.00
Guppy FEMALES 25-30 R10.00
Endler MALE Guppies 25-30 R12.00
Endler FEMALE Guppies 25-30 R10.00
Blonde Guppy - MALES 25-30 R16.00
Snakeskin  Guppy - MALES 25-30 R16.00
Tuxedo  Guppy - MALES 25-30 R16.00
RASBORA - assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Harlequin Rasbora 30-35 R28.00
BALLOON   MOLLIES - assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Balloon Mollies 30-35 R16.00
Green Balloon Mollies 30-35 R16.00
Marble Balloon Mollies 30-35 R16.00
Red Leopard Balloon Mollies 30-35 R16.00
Silver Balloon Mollies 30-35 R16.00
MOLLIES - assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Assorted  Mollies 25-30 R12.00
Green Mollies 30-35 R12.00
Marble Mollies 30-35 R12.00
Orange Mollies 30-35 R12.00
Red Leopard Mollies 25-30 R12.00
Red Leopard Mollies 40-45 R19.00
Red Mollies 25-30 R12.00
Red Mollies 40-45 R19.00
Silver Mollies 30-35 R16.00
TETRA - assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Rio Tetra 20-25 R11.00
Rio Tetra 35 R16.00
Neon Tetra 15-20 R16.00
ANGEL FISH - assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Angel Fish - assorted 30-35 R37.00
Koi Angels 30-35 R37.00
Marble Angels 30-35 R37.00
Silver Angels 30-35 R37.00
Veil Tail Angels  -  Limited stock 30-35 R44.00
SWORDTAILS  -  assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Ass. Swordtail    30-35 R10.00
Ass. Swortail 40-50 R19.00
Ass. Swordtail   50-60 R21.00
Black Berlin Swordtail 30-35 R23.00
Black Berlin Swordtail 40-50 R30.00
Green  Swordtail 30-35 R14.00
Green Pineapple Swordtail 30-35 R14.00
Hi Utsuri Swordtail 30-35 R23.00
Hi Utsuri Swordtail 35-40 R30.00
Hi Utsuri Swordtail 40-50 R37.00
Mickey Mouse Swordtail 30-35 R16.00
Pineapple Swordtail 30-35 R16.00
Pineapple Swordtail 40-50 R23.00
Red Swordtail 30-35 R14.00
Tuxedo Swortail 30-35 R16.00
BARBS  -  assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Golden Metallic Barb 30-35 R21.00
Odessa Barb 30-35 R30.00
Red Tail Tinfoil Barb 35 R46.00
Rosy Barb 30-35 R16.00
Spanner Barb 30-35 R30.00
DANIO  -  assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Assorted colourful Danio 30-35 R21.00
Blue Danio 30-35 R21.00
Bronze Danio  25-30 R14.00
Bronze Danio   -  Limited Stock 40 R21.00
Giant Danio 25-30 R14.00
Giant Danio 40 R23.00
Golden Danio 25-30 R14.00
Golden Danio  40-45 R30.00
JUMBO Fancy Danio  -  LIMITED STOCK 40-45 R46.00
Leopard Danio 25-30 R12.00
Lime Danio  - Limited Stock 30-35 R21.00
Lime Danio  -  Limited Stock 40 R30.00
Purple Danio 30-35 R21.00
Pearl Danio 25-30 R14.00
Tangerine Danio 30-35 R21.00
Zebra Danio 25-30 R12.00
GOURAMI  -  assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Gourami - assorted 35-40 R17.00
Gourami - assorted 40-50 R25.00
Gourami - assorted 50-60 R35.00
Blue Two Spot Gourami 35-40 R17.00
Blue Two Spot Gourami 40-50 R28.00
Blue Two Spot Gourami 50-60 R35.00
Blue Cosby Gourami 35-40 R17.00
Blue Cosby Gourami 40-50 R28.00
Blue Cosby Gourami 50-60 R35.00
Golden Gourami 40-50 R28.00
Golden Gourami 50-60 R35.00
Platinum Gourami 40-50 R28.00
Platinum Gourami 50-60 R35.00
Sparkling Gourami 30-35 R21.00
Albino Paradise Fish 30-35 R21.00
Red Robin Gourami 35-40 R21.00
Paradise Fish 40-50 R23.00
Paradise Fish 30-35 R16.00
SHARKS - assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Rainbow Shark - Limited Stock 40-50 R42.00
Albino Rainbow Shark 40-50 R44.00
CATFISH & ALGAE EATERS - assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Ancistrus 35-40 R69.00
Garra Rufa 35-40 R44.00
MALAWI  CICHLIDS    -  assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Astatotilapia Obliquidens 40-50 R46.00
Astatotilapia Obliquidens 50-60 R67.00
Aulonocara - assorted 70-80 R159.00
Aulonocara - assorted 45-50 R69.00
Aulonocara  OB 45-50 R69.00
Aulonocara Dragon Blood  (Limited stock) 60-70 R159.00
Aulonocara Marmalade Cat (Limited stock) 60-70 R159.00
Otopharynx Lithobates  (Limited stock) 60-70 R182.00
Pseudotropheus Polit (Limited stock) 40-50 R113.00
Aulonocara Peacocks - assorted 30-35 R37.00
Aulonocara Red Flush 50-60 R81.00
Aulonocara Usisya 30-35 R44.00
Chilotilapia Euchilus 25-30 R37.00
Elongatus Usisya 40-50 R46.00
Labidochromis Hongi 50-60 R159.00
Malawi cichlids       - assorted 30-35 R21.00
MBUNA - assorted 50-60 R67.00
MBUNA - assorted 70-80 R113.00
Melanochromis Chipokae 40 R37.00
Metriaclima Chrysomallos 50-60 R113.00
Metriaclima Red Top Mbenji - LIMITED STOCK 50-60 R92.00
Petrotilapia Orange Pelvic 20-25 R44.00
Petrotilapia Orange Pelvic 50-60 R90.00
Pseudotropheus Elongatus Chewere 25-30 R35.00
Pseudotropheus Elongatus Chewere 40-50 R90.00
AMERICAN  CICHLIDS    -  assorted  mm  #VALUE!
Banded Convicts 35-40 R16.00
Banded Convicts 40-50 R21.00
Blue Ramerezi 30-35 R65.00
Flowerhorn Cichlids  80-100 R366.00
Fortune God 35-40 R69.00
Fortune God 50-60 R92.00
JUMBO Synspillums 30 cm R1 369.00
Rainbow Cichlids 50 R35.00
Red Devil Cichlids 35-40 R30.00
Red Devil Cichlids 50-60 R46.00
Wolf Cichlid (Dovii) 35-40 R69.00
Tropheus Moorii                  - assorted 25-30 R58.00
Tropheus Moorii Moliro       - assorted    (Limited stock) 65-70 R226.00
Tropheus Moorii Bemba     - assorted    (Limited stock) 65-70 R226.00

TYPE:  SIZE :          
Sarasse Comet 70 R49.00        
Black Moor 50 R53.00        
Pure Black & Red Comets 60 R49.00        
Red Comet 60 R35.00        
Red Moor Med R92.00        
Yellow Comet 60 R35.00        
Red Lionhead Oranda 100 R230.00        
Red Fantail 50 R53.00        
Red & White Fantail 50 R53.00        
Calico Fantail 50 R53.00        
Red Ryunkin ( Fringetail ) M/L R138.00        
Black Comets 60 R51.00        
Red & White Pearlscale M/L R138.00        
Mix Comet 100 R63.00        
Bronze Comets 60 R33.00        
Shubunkins 60 R35.00        
Mix Comets & Shubunkins XXLRG R230.00        
CATFISH :   R0.00        
Chinese Algae Eater Med R42.00        
Gold & Black Algae Eater Med R42.00        
Bronze Corydoras Med R51.00        
Pangasius Cats M/L R69.00        
Albino Corydoras Med R51.00        
Pepper Corydoras Med R51.00        
Siamese Flying Fox Med R46.00        
Plecotomus Med R86.00        
Striped Talking Cats Med R115.00        
Spotted talking cats Med R115.00        
Panda Corydoras Med R115.00        
Blue Striped Mystus Cat Med R115.00        
Siamese Bumble Bee Cats Med R92.00        
Golden Catfish / Mystus Tengara Med R115.00        
Golden Ancistrus Med R127.00        
Featherfin Synodontis Med R115.00        
BRACKISH WATER:   R0.00        
Finger Fish M/L R184.00        
Silver Scats Sml R115.00        
Green Spotted Med R115.00        
Sea angels M/L R184.00        
Green Scats Med R161.00        
FROZEN FOODS :   R0.00        
Blisterpack Bloodworm 100gr R81.00        
Frozen Marine Mix 100gr R69.00        
Bloodworm ( Flat Pack ) 100gr R69.00        
Fire Red Shrimp   R58.00        
Red Rilli Shrimp   R58.00        
Albino Red Oscars Med R92.00   Silver Bala 70 R67.00
Red Tiger Oscars Med R92.00   Silver Bala Lrg R207.00
Red Oscars Med R92.00   Rainbow 70 R67.00
Mix Angels XXLRG R368.00   Albino Rainbow 70 R67.00
Firemouth Med R115.00   Red Tail Black 70 R67.00
Convict Cichlid M/L R51.00   Pakistani Loach Med R69.00
Albino Convict M/L R51.00   Horsefaced Loach Lrg R58.00
Red Orange Koi Angels Med R115.00   Khuli Loach   R37.00
Red Orange Koi Angels XLRG R276.00   Green Eel 120+ R161.00
Bloodred Jewel Med R92.00   Black Khuli Loach Lrg R35.00
Veiltail Oscars Med R115.00       R0.00
Jaguar Cichlids Med R115.00   MALAWI'S :   R0.00
Flag Dwarf Cichlid M/L R115.00   Mix Malawi 70 R51.00
    R0.00   Mix Malawi 50 R35.00
TETRA'S :   R0.00   Copadichromis Chrysonatus 70-80 R161.00
Neons Med R28.00   Aulonocara Lemon Jake 60-70 R161.00
Glowlite Med R30.00   Labidochromis Ceruleus 60-70 R138.00
Black Widow Med R28.00   Red frontosa Med R230.00
Red Eye Med R33.00   Aulonocara Nyassae 60-70 R138.00
Silver Tips Med R30.00   Aulonocara Golden Peacock 60-70 R138.00
Columbian Redfin Lrg R37.00   Tropheus Moorii - Cherry Spot Med R276.00
Rummy Nose M/L R51.00   Zimbawe Rock 60-70 R138.00
Cardinal Med R51.00       R0.00
Silver Dollar XXLRG R391.00        
Glass Bloodfin M/L R33.00        
Penquin M/L R37.00        
Rio Lrg R35.00       R0.00
Head & Taillight Med R33.00   SOUTH-AMERICA   R0.00
Pretty Med R30.00   Otocinclus   R76.00
Golden Pristella Med R30.00       R0.00
Red Phantom Med R33.00       R0.00
Green Pristella Med R33.00       R0.00
    R0.00       R0.00
AFRICA:   R0.00       R0.00
Butterfly Fish   R92.00       R0.00
Upside down Cats   R69.00       R0.00
    R0.00       R0.00
    R0.00       R0.00
    R0.00       R0.00
EXOTICS :   R0.00   GOURAMI'S :   R0.00
Silver Apollo Shark M/L R207.00   Three Spot Lrg R90.00
Blue Botia M/L R115.00   Chocolate M/L R69.00
Black Ghost Knife 100 R253.00   Golden Lrg R90.00
Red Spotted Golden Deacon M/L R345.00   Dwarf Lrg R90.00
German Blue Ramirezi Med R104.00   Emerald Dwarf Lrg R90.00
Boesmani Rainbow Med R92.00   Sunset Dwarf Lrg R90.00
Lake Kutubu Rainbow Med R92.00   Red Robin Dwarf Lrg R90.00
Black Lancer Catfish Lrg R368.00   Pearl Lrg R90.00
Matano Orange Rabbit Snail M/L R60.00   Moonlight Lrg R90.00
Velvet Sole Fish M/L R184.00   Pink Kissing Lrg R90.00
Geophagus Altifrons M/L R184.00   Blue Snakeskin Lrg R90.00
Golden Pencil special M/L R28.00   Neon Sunset Dwarf Lrg R90.00
Silver Arowana - Special 120+ R736.00       R0.00
Silver Arowana 200+ R1 725.00   DANIO'S / RASBORA'S :   R0.00
Uaru - Triangle Cichlid M/L R276.00   White Cloud M/L R19.00
Clown Loach 60 R161.00   Zebra Danio M/L R23.00
Clown Knife 100 R161.00   Leopard Danio M/L R23.00
Red Rainbow M/L R138.00   Pearl Danio M/L R23.00
Dwarf Pea Puffer Med R58.00   Scissortail M/L R28.00
Purple Parrot M/L R276.00   Coral Red Danio M/L R42.00
Hi-Fin Doll Loach 100+ R644.00       R0.00
Colour Widow M/L R46.00   DISCUS   R0.00
Red Tail Cats M/L R276.00   A Grade Full Colour Mix Lrg R1 610.00
Polypterus - Bichir - Endlicheri 100 R575.00   White Diamond Lrg R2 530.00
Polypterus - Bichir - Delhezi A 80 R414.00   Ghost Lrg R2 530.00
Madagascar Rainbow Lrg R92.00       R0.00
Polypterus Senegalus Med R115.00   SIAMESE :   R0.00
White Hi-Fin Plecostomus Med R86.00   Siamese Male XLrg R53.00
Polypterus Senegalus Albino Med R161.00   Siamese Female Med R42.00
Electric Blue Ramirezi M/L R207.00   Crowntail Siamese Male Lrg R65.00
Pigmy Corydoras Med R69.00   Double Long Tail Siamese Male Lrg R65.00
Striped Leporinus M/L R230.00   Fancy Double Tail Plakat Male Lrg R368.00
Dwarf ( maccullochi ) Rainbow Med R92.00   Koi Siamese Male AA Lrg R345.00
Pink Tailed Caracin M/L R173.00   Fancy Halfmoon Siamese Male Lrg R460.00
Hovering Cats Med R92.00   Super Black A Crowntail Male Lrg R345.00
Hairy Puffer / Pao baileyi Lrg R2 990.00   Dumbo Halfmoon Siamese Male Lrg R322.00
Flowerhorn Grade AA M/L R1 150.00       R0.00
Cuban Cichlids - Discounted 50-60 R253.00   BARBS :   R0.00
Tiger Silver Dollar - Special Med R253.00   Sumatren Tiger Med R51.00
Black Barred Myleus Med R276.00   Golden Tiger Med R51.00
Albino Silver Arowana 180 R8 050.00   Cherry Med R28.00
Tigerinus Shovelnose Cat 250+ R13 800.00   Rosy Barbs & Rosy Gold M/L R46.00
        Red Tail Tinfoil Med R69.00
        Striped Barb M/L R58.00
        Red Line Torpedo M/L R230.00
        Odessa M/L R35.00